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Soybean Meal

We supply high quality Soybean Meal and Soya DOC for you !

Soybean meal is highly palatable and nutrient dense feed ingredient for both animal and poultry feed. It It  has an excellent amino acid profile and is a concentrated source of protein and energy. At present, it is successfully used by number of big companies all over the world and has become the worldwide standard against which other protein sources are compared.

Types of Soybean Meal

Full Fat Soybean: These are whole soybeans in which the oil is not extracted. At Global Protein and Oil Pvt. Ltd., it is produced by dry extrusion process to inactivate the anti-nutritional factors. It has 16-18% fat content and 34-36% CP. Properly processed Full Fat Soya are good source of energy and protein.

Soybean Meal: These are the products obtained after oil extraction either mechanically or by solvent means. Both products vary in their nutrient composition, but are quite high in protein content with good amino acid profile. Solvent extracted De-hulled soybean meal (Soya DOC) has 47% CP and less than 2% Fat while soybean meal obtained after mechanical oil extraction (Soya Cake) has 43-45% CP and 6-8% Fat. At Global Protein & Oil Pvt. Ltd., Full Fat Soya obtained by dry extrusion process are further mechanically pressed to remove oil. Thus obtained Soybean Cake has 6% fat and 45% CP. While, GAP Marketing Pvt. Ltd., is actively involved in import and sales of solvent extracted soybean meal (Soya DOC).


Poultry, Pig, Aqua and Cattle feed


  1. Rich source of energy and protein
  2. Rich in highly digestible amino acid profile
  3. Low ANFs

Why to choose Soybean Meal/Soya DOC with us?

  • Hygienically packed
  • Attractively priced
  • Free from contaminants
  • Easy to digest
  • Enhance feed ratio
  • Improves immunity