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Market Watch

Market News Update

  • Price of feed decreases

    From Baisakh 25th, 2079, feed prices decreased by Rs. 2/- in all types of feed.

Product Prices

1Broiler Pre-Starter (B0)Kg
2Broiler Starter (B1)Kg
3Broiler Finisher 1 (B2)Kg
4Broiler Finisher 2 (B3)Kg
5Layers Starter Crumble (L1)Kg
6Layers Grower Crumble (L2)Kg
7Layers Pre Lay Mash (Pre Lay Mash)Kg
8Layers Pre Lay Pellet (Pre Lay Pellet)Kg
9Layers Mash (L3 Mash)Kg
10Layers Pellet (L3 Pellet)Kg
11Layers Concentrate 40%Kg
12Giriraja Starter (G1)Kg
13Girairaja Grower (G2)Kg
14Giriraja Finisher (G3)Kg
15Broiler Parent Starter (BSP)Kg
16Broiler Parent Developer MashKg
17Broiler Parent Deeloper PelletKg
18Broiler Parent Female 1 (BPF1)- MashKg
19Broiler Parent Female 1 (BPF1)- PelletKg
20Broiler Parent Female 2 (BPF2)- MashKg
21Broiler Parent Female 2 (BPF2)- PelletKg
22Broiler Parent Male (BPM)- MashKg
23Broiler Parent Male (BPM)- PelletKg
24Layers Parent Starter (LPS)Kg
25Layers Parent Developer (LPD)- MashKg
26Layers Parent Developer (LPD)- PelletKg
27Layers Parent Pre-Breeder (LPPB)- MashKg
28Layers Parent Pre-Breeder (LPPB)- PelletKg
29Layers Parent Female 1 (LPF1)- MashKg
30Layers Parent Female 1 (LPF1)- PelletKg
31Layers Parent Female 2 (LPF2)- MashKg
32Layers Parent Female 2 (LPF2)- PelletKg
33Layers Parent Male (LPM)- MashKg
34Layers Parent Male (LPM)- PelletKg
35Cattle Amrit FeedKg
36Cattle Amul FeedKg
37Pig Starter (P1)Kg
38Pig Finisher (P2)Kg
39Day Old ChicksPc
40Eggs JumboCrate
41Eggs LargeCrate
42Eggs MediumCrate
43Eggs SmallCrate
44Poultry ManureBag
45Soya DOCKg
46Crude OilLiter