Others judge us by what we have already done, while we judge ourselves by what we are capable of.

An ISO 9001:2015 Certified Company

Global Agro Products Pvt. Ltd.

A Warm Welcome

Established in 2013, Global Agro Products Pvt. Ltd. has now become one of the leading livestock and poultry feed manufacturing companies in Nepal. It is a young and dynamic organization working in the field of animal nutrition domain propelled by fresh thoughts, fueled by a new optimism, and managed by a technical expert who has decades of experience in a related field.

An ISO 9001:2015 certified company.
Photo: Feed Factory, Global Agro products Pvt. Ltd.

Vision and Mission

Total commitment to providing the best quality feed products to ensure optimum profitability and maximum productivity with the least cost of production through continuous research and development in the production process.


  • To provide an appropriate and balanced nutritional diet to customers.
  • To provide consistent quality products throughout the year in all climatic conditions.
  • To provide technical services to farmers to enable them to run their businesses profitably.
  • To ensure customer satisfaction through quality products.

Key Features

  • Established by subject specialists in the relative field and have long experience.
  • Uses of the latest modern automatic plant and high-quality ingredients.
  • Having modern laboratories and separate research and development department.
  • Making policy concerning farmers’ needs and suggestion.
  • Quick and free technical support.
  • Delivered the program for minimizing the risk factors of poultry.

Our Products

We are committed to producing the best quality feeds available in the market. We maintain hygienic, bio-secured stock points to store raw materials and finished products. Our feeds are subjected to stringent quality control at every step of the manufacturing process, from raw material procurement to final packaging. Validation tests are carried out in our in-house quality control laboratories. We utilize only safe and approved material to ensure that the quality is in accordance with standards that we have fixed. We are spending a healthy portion of our resources to accurately develop and enhance formulations so they are customized to those various climate factors. Thus, our products can be used in any climatic conditions and in addition are fully balanced. Further, at Global, every individual is motivated to deliver the most innovative solutions and is aware that every role within the company plays a part in preserving quality.

Livestock production is a complex and highly competitive business and managers must focus on the right opportunities to be competitive. Global can be an important ally in helping you evaluate your operation, and identify and manage risk.

The Uniqueness of Global Feeds

  • Manufactured under stringent quality control at every step of manufacturing, from raw material procurement to final packaging.
  • Formulated by experienced nutritionists
  • Complete and nutritionally well balanced
  • Easily digestible and better weight gain
  • Better FCR
  • The size and durability of pellet/crumbles are well maintained
  • Feed is free from microbes and toxins
  • Technical service is available to all the users of Global feeds

Quality Policy

We are assuring high-quality Products applying the latest technology (i.e. automation in plant, highly facilitated laboratory, modern warehouse, and Techno commercial management). We are always with our farmers by providing quality products and free and quick technical support. We are integrating our objectives and values with farmers’ needs.  We are fully committed to increasing their life standard by developing their commercial capability.